Rafting & Sleep in Lodges

Main Salmon River Whitewater Rafting and Sleep in Lodges!

Lodge Accommodation trips are the ultimate in outdoor adventure and luxury.
Whitewater Rafting and white sheets!

5-Day Lodge Trips

Lodge trip July 31 launch date price reduced from $2100.00 per person to $1625.00 per person 

Adult  & Youth   $2100.00  pp   $600.00 depoist

June 21, 29; July 07, 15, 23, 31 Aug 08, 16, 24 Sept 01, 07

Lodge Descriptions Here

 If you are looking for the best of both worlds, a lodge trip with River Time Guide Service is the trip for you. Imagine yourself spending the day whitewater rafting through some of the best rapids in Idaho, swimming in crystal clean coves and hiking back to explore old homesteads, all the while knowing that at the end of the day a hot shower, delicious meal and a comfy bed await you.  Each evening  you will spend the night at a turn-of-the -century homestead, hunting or fishing lodge located on the banks of the Main Salmon River. With the rustic comfort of home you will awake refreshed and ready for your next day of whitewater rafting adventure on the Main Salmon River.

Your last night of lodging accommodations will be at Ram’s House at Mackay Bar. We will arrive in plenty of time for you to hike, fish or just relax before dinner is served. The last day of your trip after a great breakfast. Based on group size and weather conditions you we be jet boated out of the canyon to the Vinegar Creek boat ramp where a shuttle vehicle awaits to take you to the town of McCall, Idaho. Depending on your post-trip travel you will either be taken to the airport or to your hotel.You may also choose to end your trip with a scenic flight out of the canyon from Ram’s House .  We can arrange for a charter flight to arrive after breakfast on the last day of your trip and take you back to Salmon, McCall or Boise. This flight is not included in the trip price.

Pioneers settled the banks of the Main Salmon River, building homesteads, fishing and hunting lodges from the materials they could acquire nearby. Fishing and hunting lodges also dotted the shores of the Main Salmon River. When the River of No Return Wilderness was established, these original homesteads, fishing and hunting lodges and their structures remained protected by Congress. Now, by booking a Lodge Accommodation trip, you can explore and enjoy these locations that are only accessible by river, horse, or in some cases airplane. Dorm-style accommodations are available as well as private rooms for couples. Each lodge is different, but all have flushing toilets. Hot showers are available at most locations, and the hospitality is second to none. The following lodges are available for overnight stays on the trips. Your trip will probably not include all of the lodges. Lodge selection is based on group size, water levels, lodge availability, and trip length.

River Time Guide Service provides the following

  • Transportation from Stagecoach Inn to Corn Creek
  • All on-river meals & beverages
  • Lodge accommodations at a different lodge each night while on the river
  • Experienced and knowledgeable guides
  • Waterproof personal dry bag & day bag
  • Coast guard approved life jackets
  • Splash tops and wet suits when needed
  • Complimentary River Time t-shirt or hat

You are responsible for

  • All meals and lodging before and after your trip
  • Pre-&-Post trip charter flights
  • Personal clothing and other miscellaneous items


The River of No Return Lodge

The first lodge is 18.0 miles from your starting point of Corn Creek. The accommodations are individual rooms with two or three twin beds, while some rooms have double beds and shared bathrooms. The rooms are rustic and clean. There are flushing toilets and hot showers. The main lodge has a dining area, and a very comfortable lounge with couches and large chairs for reading, visiting, or just watching the river and world go by. There is an old cabin here, built by Johnny Briggs, that is on the National Historic Register. There is great hiking and fishing in the area.

Arctic Creek Lodge

artic creek lodgeJim O’Conner’s lodge is perched at the mouth of Arctic Creek in an unlikely spot right at the start of Black Canyon, 20 miles from Corn Creek. Arctic Creek Lodge lies in the middle of the steep Salmon River Canyon only a few steps away from the river. You will enjoy seclusion in a wilderness environment while affording some of the conveniences of home. There is one large sleeping cabin with dorm style sleeping area in two partitioned-off sleeping areas. There are no showers and the toilets are the very comfortable and new composting-type outhouse style. There is fishing and relaxing, and the front deck looks right over the river. There is a trail that follows Arctic Creek for hiking.

Whitewater Ranch

Whitewater was first homesteaded in 1897. It sits up off of the river by 1/4 mile; we have floated 39.0 miles from Corn Creek. The lodge has changed hands many times in its history. The book River of No Return tells about the colorful history of the ranch. The present owners are two brothers and their families who have been re-furbishing all the cabins and out-buildings. There are three cabins that have two queen beds each. One cabin has upstairs sleeping with single beds. Each cabin has its own bathroom with flushing toilets and hot showers. One interesting note: the ranch gets all its electricity from it very own Pelton Wheel–a type of water power generator. The Salmon River Trail runs through the property.

China Bar Lodge

china bar lodgeJess & Brenda Baugh are the owner and host here at China Bar Lodge. We have rafted 46 miles from Corn Creek. China Bar sits on 20 acres. Between 1882-1884 the area was mined extensively by Asian miners. There are two large sleeping cabins with dorm style sleeping in the front area, sleeping rooms with two single beds, and a shower room with a sink.  The main lodge has a large dining area and living room overlooking the river. In the main lodge there is one of the best collections of original photos and history of the Main Salmon River that can be found. Interconnecting the two sleeping cabins and main lodge is a large elevated outside deck with it’s own outdoor dining area. Short hikes up Lemhi Creek are available and fishing in the river at the mouth of Lemhi.

Ram’s House At Mackey Bar


We have floated 56 miles to get here. Ram’s House lodge has the view of the canyon like no other lodge it sits on 43 acres of pure wilderness. High above the river about a 1/4 mile. Our bags and those not wanting to hike are loaded up on ATV  and drove up a trail to the lodge. There is time to sit back and relax and enjoy the the sheer size and depth of the main salmon river. Up stairs in the lodge are three rooms that have beds and bathrooms to accommodate our group size Dining is on the main floor. Ram’s House lodge has a feel of a large house very inviting. This we be our last night together, you will either jet boat out of the canyon or arrangements can be made for a flight of the canyon at Wilson Bar airstrip.


Rams House

Rams House


“Thank you soooooo much for the wonderful trip we had this summer.
David and I will always remember it as one of the best vacations we have ever had.
We would love to be back right now!”
—Ruth and David

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