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Cowboys, snowboarders, mountain climbers, skiers, retired professors . . .  sure, but that’s the off-season. The men and women in the picture above live to be running the river, and sharing that with new friends makes it that much more special.

River Time guides are known for their local knowledge, their rafting and kayaking experience, good nature and their patience with student river-runners of all ages.

We are blessed to have a staff that well-traveled adventure guests from around the world have labeled “the best guides they have ever had”. Part of this sentiment may stem from each guide’s amazing ability to captain rafts down wild rivers. Other feelings may come from the gourmet meals that they create with fresh ingredients, but limited tools.

But our guess, and one that is supported by comments from the thousands of guests with whom these guides have shared wilderness trips, is that their absolute kindness and consideration is what sets them apart. We invite you to come see for yourself.


Terry Hughes, I am owner and lead guide for River Time Guide Service. I would like to invite you to join us on the Main Salmon River here in Idaho. It is a fantastic experience and one I am sure you will enjoy . Time to reconnect with your family and friends. A rafting trips on the Main Salmon River everything is included meals accommodations and activities. There are no cell phones, no emails and no text messaging. Just time with the family but lots of activities and no place to spend additional money.




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